UNESCO jobs: where and how to get

UNESCO is a specialized unit of the UN, which is responsible for the development of education, culture, and science around the world. Since its inception, in November 1945, the institution has pursued the following goals: strengthening security and peace by expanding cooperation between peoples and states in the field of culture and science, ensuring law and justice, respect for human rights and freedoms, fighting inequality, etc.

The most important issues that concern UNESCO’s activities include the problems of illiteracy and discrimination in education, the analysis of national cultures (religions), the training of qualified personnel, the problems of geology, biosphere, oceanography and social sciences.

Frequently opened UNESCO jobs

European offices and bureaus often require specialists in education, educational planning, vocational training, technical training, and oceanography analysis.

Experienced biologists, physicists, experts in polarity, geologists, psychology analysts, experts in the field of religion, and legal consultants are hired by UNESCO international institutes.

The positions of human rights specialists, construction project managers, humanitarian and charity program coordinators, finance department employees, lawyers, and risk managers are often vacant in brunches and national offices.

For employment, you must send an online application to the email address of UNESCO. If the candidate is going to get a job in the security service or in the personnel service, he is advised to apply personally to the appropriate branch of the organization.


Internship program

To take part in the internship competition, candidates should provide the UNESCO office with their application form and recommendations from the educational institution. An online application is permitted by email. Based on the results of the selection, only the best applicants will get an internship. In the next 2-6 months, interns will have to devote themselves to research in areas such as culture, education, and science.

The UNESCO internship program is open to students and graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree. And it is important that the specialist graduate from a university course less than a year ago.

Most often, interns for 2 to 6 months occupy the positions of secretary, assistant, technical assistant. The vacancy is selected depending on the specialty that the intern received at the university.

Requirements for Interns

The recruitment office will consider applications for internship candidates if they:

  • age not less than 20 years;
  • a high level of knowledge of English or French (speech, writing, dialect);
  • good computer skills (office programs, the Internet);
  • developed collective mindset and adaptation to the international environment;
  • high communication skills, leadership skills.

Motivation letter, compiled by the candidate, significantly increases the chances of successful completion in the internship program. It helps the selection committee to evaluate the motivation and goals of the student (graduate). Only applicants who really want to work at UNESCO and benefit the organization are accepted for practice. The more essays impress representatives of the recruitment department, the higher the likelihood of temporary employment.

The internship at this UN agency does not guarantee the subsequent signing of a cooperation agreement. If interns are invited to work, they will start at modest positions in remote branches.

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