United Nations careers

United Nations careers: what to expect

All you need to know about United Nations careers. The UN in all countries is represented by a set of agencies, and each oversees its sphere. One protects children’s rights, the second works with women’s rights, the third deals with food, the fourth – with health, etc.

Is it easy to find a job in the UN

This is not easy, but quite real. Education plays an important role – most often it requires specialists in international relations, communications, financiers, project managers, human rights specialists, photographers, or, for example, those with medical education. And, of course, work experience. The competition may be higher than in other international organizations, but free internships are offered, after which getting into a paid job will be much easier than from scratch.

What salary to expect    

United Nations careers: the social package consists of salary and social co-payments.

The salary for professionals is calculated as follows: the base salary is equal to the salary of employees of the State Department in Washington. Surcharges go to this salary – adjustments at the place of service, which are calculated based on the cost of living of the country and city in which the employee works. These adjustments can vary from 0% to 90%. There are also surcharges for dangerous conditions.

There is also medical insurance for which ½ of the cost is paid by the UN, as well as a pension fund, in which 2/3 of the payments are subsidized by the UN, and 1/3 is paid by the employee himself. The UN has a separate pension fund, as most staff is not working in their own country. Working at the UN, you pay contributions to this pension fund, and, when you retire, you have a very decent standard of living.

United Nations careers

What other forms of employment are possible at the UN

There is an internship format that can be especially useful for undergraduate students who are preparing to graduate. But you need to take into account that such internships are not paid at the expense of the UN, so students must have the financial capabilities to pay for their stay and travel.

What languages ​​do you need to know to get to the UN

Historically, the UN has two working languages ​​- English and French, and six official languages ​​(English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish). It is impossible to get a job in the structure of UN organizations without knowledge of English.

Gender or age restrictions

The policy of the UN Secretariat is aimed at achieving parity between men and women – 50 to 50. Today there is no parity yet, therefore women candidates have an advantage over men. Age restrictions – 18-65 years, that is, theoretically, even at age 60 you can get a job at the UN, but for this you need to be a high-level specialist. Getting a job at the age of 18 is almost impossible because, to obtain a category P post, you must have a master’s degree and 5 years of practical experience.

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